19 October 2013

Why So Snooty?

Well, it's been a while kids, but I am now checking in with the folks after living three months in România.

I was perusing the meat aisle at the Carrefour at Piață Unirii, and was wondering why this hunk of meat was so cheap (ca. $0.60). Then I realized it was half a pig's head. I literally laughed out loud (LOLed), and said to myself, "You're buying this even if you're going to throw it out your window onto the street when it starts to stink up your fridge."

So this is what I did and this is how I done it:

I put its bisected head in my one multi-purpose saute pan.

I threw some onion, leaks, turnip, carrots, garlic, black peppercorns, bay leaves, and thyme in to keep head company.

I salted its head like a hater.

I turned its head over to check out the dental work.

Then I let it melt out for three hours under the lowest flaming burner on my stove.

I pulled the head out, strained the gelatinous "juice," pulled the meat from the skull, tossed some teeth at people outside my 8th floor window, laughed, put the pulled skull meat into a Pyrex glass container, poured the cooled juice over the meat, and let it sit in the fridge for a week too afraid to touch it.

Demolded the block of head meat today and laughed when I remembered that I intentionally cut the snout off to do this.

Wincingly sliced the block of gelatinous misch-masch of meat and took a slice in the mouth.

Verdict:  It was okay.  Needed more salt.

after-note:  The office street dog will have a block of a treat on Monday.

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