21 September 2011

Allah Limburger You Can Eat!

A pal of mine came back from Saudi Arabia for five weeks last month for Ramadan after spending five months there eating mostly fruits and veg and having hardly any alcohol save whatever kind of scrumpy he was fermenting for himself.

As I had promised him, one day while he was here I prepared Allah Limburger sandwiches he could eat.

The goods...

A loaf of pumpernickel, smoked liverwurst, Limburger cheese, pickles, red onion, blood tongue, and tube mustard. Everything except the pickles, onion, and mustard can be bought from the nice folks at Morant's Sausages.

It's a sandwich, so it's pretty self-explanatory from the photo on how to put it together. Limburger sandwiches usually don't have meat on them, but the liverwurst makes it more Ramadany. We did leave off the blood tongue though. I saved that to eat in my bathtub in the dark later while I hid my shame of liking weird Sülzwurst.

Here's where I cut the sandwich in half.

To be forthcoming, we were both a bit leery about who was going to take the first bite just because of the stench of the cheese but in the end, I jumped in first. I like everything else on the sandwich, so it could only make it better or just make it taste weird. We both agreed the pungent cheese was good, but hardly anyone believed us when we said it was. I should say that they're the ones who stink...so I will.

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