01 March 2011

Cheap Soup

In continuation with making food on the cheap despite having a hefty payday last week, I raided the cupboard and freezer again to make a cheap soup. It's a tomato-based rainbow chard and garbanzo bean soup. Along with the cabeza broth leftover and since frozen from the cabeza tacos I made the other week, I also had some frozen Leberknödel made a month ago that I tossed in at the last second in order to overdo the protein.

In the ole Le Creuset pot, I sauted an onion and garlic, mixed in tomato paste, cumin, and chili flakes, followed with a large can of whole tomatoes and dried basil, and I let this simmer for a bit before adding a cup of the cabeza broth and a couple cups of water.

Thirty minutes later, I added chopped rainbow chard and softened for 5 minutes at the same heat. No re-seasoning was necessary because cabeza broth is basically gelatinous boullion. Before ladling into a bowl, I steeped the liver dumplings until reheated and presto! Cheap soup for lunch.

Combined cost: ca. $5.00
Total amount of soup: full stomach the rest of the week

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